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Todd White is the founder of View The Future. He believes having a strong
work ethic and doing your best go a long way in building a strong company,
especially if your name is behind it!
Todd started building drones when drone technology first became popular.
“It was really good for me,” Todd said, “learning how drones work, knowing
when things go wrong, how to learn to fix the problems such as
overheating, (key elements that might eliminate a crash.)” “When you
begin with the way a drone works, you find out who the best pilots are and
what you can learn from them as well.”
After building drones, Todd set out to double his efforts. He had to make
his business happen, not just hope it would happen. Todd began to work
full time in an electrical trades field which would provide the money to
purchase his equipment. He also studied for the FFA exam in his spare
time and filmed many gigs such as weddings, concerts and real estate to get
experience in taking many genres of footage.
Todd has made mistakes along the way, but with great family support, he
has moved ahead. Todd’s uncle commented, “It’s not a bad thing to fail if
you learn from your mistakes.” Todd’s immediate family, father, mother,
and brother have also been supportive along with many friends and very supportive grand parents. “I’m very
thankful and blessed to have the support which helps me to continue. The
vision of View The Future, God gave to me and none of this would be
possible without God. I give him total credit."
The decision to fly the drones, not build them, came from Todd’s strong
desire to fly, knowing many human beings also dream and wish they could
actually fly too and without getting a pilot’s license! “The closest way for
me to seek this out was to fly a drone,” stated Todd. “Little did I know that
the FFA, just a few years ago, set forth the regulation for all drone pilots to
be licensed.” The test requires the knowledge of airspace, weather,
loading, performance and operations. “The lack of knowledge of these
topics could have serious repercussions in pursuing due diligence,” Todd
states, “for anyone flying without a license.”
Not only does Todd have a lot of flight time in the air but he has taught
himself how to edit the video filming with the knowledge of industry post
production, continued experience in aerial photography, filming and
stabilized ground cameras. He has been working on 3D Mapping-profiling
objects in three dimensions to map the objects in the real world. Todd
recently started to record audio recordings and has done so for local
musicians and bands as well as some out of state. “You can get a very
professional sound and video when you have the right equipment, ie., three
different angles and a live audio feed from a soundboard,” Todd states.
“ I look forward to serving the community and working with clients, in NM
and beyond, who want to View the Future with a closer view.”

LMN 4.jpg
LMN 3.jpg

            Todd started working with Logan Miles Nix in Los Angles, California. 
Logan sometimes hires professional studio musicians depending on the style and how big   the project is. Logan Records and Masters the tracks and has them sent back to Todd. So   then the process at VTF can be put to good use on your next video.
Happy to announce Logan was recently interviewed in a very popular magazine called
"Modern Drummer". Logan plays drums for many bands, currently on tour with John 5. 


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